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u-evolve podcast

Nov 3, 2019

Hello and welcome to the U-Evolve podcast where we talk about the work we do and generally chat to really interesting people. What’s not to like?


This episode is hosted by Tolga Kuyucuoglu - Project Manager - and features Eilidh Macdonald-Harte who is the founder and Chair of U-Evolve. They talk about the evolution of U-Evolve and what we offer young people in our unique blend of coaching and psychotherapy.


You can find Eilidh on Twitter and Instagram and she hosts the U-evolve Facebook page.


You can find Tolga on Twitter (and you pronounce his second name queue u ju ollo…sort of.)


U-Evolve is a registered Scottish Charity based in Edinburgh working with young people aged around 11 to 18. We are doing pretty well at meeting our mission to help young people reach their potential. We are almost 100% funded by some great organisations and individuals and increasingly schools are paying for our therapeutic coaching services for their young people. This funds our therapeutic coaches who deliver our blend of coaching and psychotherapy.


Please pop onto our website for more info and if you are interesting in volunteering, donating money or raising funds for us the information is on the website.


Our producers are Ben Dyer and Shelley Hutton.


Thanks to our interviewer Tolga and guest Eilidh for their time and passion.